Strong & Sexy E-book

For a limited time only, get the 28 Day Clean Eating Program when you purchase the Strong & Sexy E-book – worth £59

2 x 6 weeks program

First, we get sexy with higher reps – supersets – dropsets – pyramids and more.

Then we get strong with heavier weights and fewer reps.

  • Exercise technique videos on all the technical exercises to help obtain maximum gains
  • Focused on building bigger stronger glutes and strengthening legs
  • Also focused on improving upper body strength and improving upper body posture
  • Free 28 day clean eating plan with recipes, macros and a plan to follow (automatically included in bundle when you buy this product)
  • For a beginner, Intermediate and advanced gym goers
  • 4-5 days a week of training averaging 45-90 mins a day workouts


One off payment
  • Intensity 90% 90%
  • Volume 100% 100%
  • Results Strength 80% 80%
  • Results Aesthetic 100% 100%